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May We Occupy

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  2 mei 2023 t/m 31 mei 2023
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End Fossil Occupy NL


🔥Oil corporations will lead to occupations!🔥

‼️ Dutch universities continue to work with the criminal fossil fuel industry. Collaboration continues to enable their destructive business, which results in the death of people in the global south and which is threatening the future of the entire world.

We say NO MORE! All universities must CUT THE TIES! ✊

We won’t tolerate these criminals on our campuses any longer while our world is being set on fire. We will rise up, occupy, and FIGHT ON OUR OWN GROUNDS for climate justice and a fossil-free world. We will RECLAIM our institutions, and reshape them to put people over profit. 🌱

Our planet is on fire, so we have to act now. Who will fight for your future if not you?

Join us for the international wave of occupations, starting May 2nd. #MayWeOccupy all over the country and all over the world. Find our local groups through our link in bio / our pinned post.

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